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Say goodbye to bad study results. And hello to improved grades!

Online and offline tutoring

Our tutors are great at engaging and communicating regardless of location. That is why we offer both Offline services (for those in HCMC and Hanoi) as well as an online option.

All subjects in the Vietnamese Curriculum

We tailor to all subjects in the Vietnamese Curriculum, including Maths, English, Literature, etc., regardless of the subject you need, we will match you with a top 5% tutor.

1-1 or small group classes

We believe in small groups and especially 1-1 tutoring. This is more efficient for many reasons, and individual tutoring allows students to learn better.

Are you looking for a tutor with sufficient qualifications and experience?

Is IELTS, TOEFL or TOEIC exam approaching? Your child’s progress is not sufficient to prepare for the Flyers, Mover or Starter test, following the standard of intensive English classes

Lasluz tutors are fully certified people from the programs you are looking for! Owning outstanding achievements in the exams, our tutors are carefully selected through 5 strict inspection rounds to ensure the quality of the tutors always in the top 5%.

Not only that, the team of Lasluz tutors also underwent pedagogical training courses with a program foundation that was built by educators from Sweden, the US and Vietnam. In other words, Lasluz assured that you or your child will be working with the best tutors to complete the upcoming test in the perfect way!

Struggling to understand your kid or teenager?

Struggling to understand your kid or teenager?

We have written a guide with the best tips for you, written by Swedish and Vietnamese educators.

Get guide: Improve your relationship and success of your child
Tư vấn mùa thi miễn phí và cách ôn thi đại học hiệu quả. Đăng ký tại Lasluz ngay Tư vấn mùa thi miễn phí và cách ôn thi đại học hiệu quả. Đăng ký tại Lasluz ngay

1-1 tutoring is more effective

1-1 or small group sessions together with our top 5% tutors will guarantee better grades



Close collaboration with the tutor means more learning per spent minute

The student will ask all the questions he/she doesn’t dare to ask in a group.

The tutor can come to your home or you can study online.



Regular classes

Regular classes


Teachers do not have time to take care of the students

Students will not ask the questions that they are thinking about

No more worrying about traffic!

Our tutors have studied at:

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