Multiple Subjects

Our tutors are not limited to a single subject. The tutors are encouraged to work at their full capacity.

Once accepted onto the platform, the tutors are allowed to take class in any subject with excellent grades.

We provide boundless opportunities for tutors who are capable and motivated. ​

Matching Support

Get matched effortlessly with hundreds of learners available on Lasluz platform.

Our sales team will handle all matching requests, so our tutors can focus on content delivery.

We take careful consideration to ensure the matches meet the desire of both tutors and customers.

Guaranteed Earnings

Our tutors will never have to worry about collecting earnings from the customers.

Regardless of how many customers the tutors deliver services to, earnings will always come directly from Lasluz.

We standby our dedication to ensure the tutors’ income are deposited on agreed date.

Feedback & Evaluation

We regularly evaluate skills & competencies from customer’s feedback for future matching.

We collect feedback from our customers to improve our services to both customers and tutors.

Most importantly, we help our tutors reinvent themselves with most accurate feedback system.


What do our tutors have to say about the services delivered by Lasluz?

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Mac Zaman -


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Mical Zaman -


anonymous plugin data collection and to our updates. We guarantee no sensitive data is collected

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To become a tutor of Lasluz, please follow these 5 steps:​

We treat every CV with the same attention regardless of the school names, the regions, or subjects. We will contact for additional materials to help our candidates show their best qualifications, if necessary.

These 2 tests help our candidates understand more precisely about their current profile, skill set, and essential improvements.

We help our candidates visualize their own performance in front of others. Logistical support with Lasluz’s team is provided for this step.

If we identify a need to improve any specific attitude, skill, or knowledge, we will provide trainings to our tutors.

We sign contracts with our tutors to ensure that our relationships are lawful, and we will provide all support necessary to all members of our team.

Refer a Tutor

Help us expand our team and continue to deliver great educational service to all learners worldwide.

As a token of our appreciation, a special gift will be sent to you.