About Lasluz

Say goodbye to bad study results. And hello to improved grades!

Our mission

Regular tutors are not hard to come by. But with regular tutors, there are also the regular issues: Tutors who do not have good grades themselves, who do not know their subjects well enough, and tutors who seem to not know how to explain things. To find premium tutors without all the common issues is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Lasluz changes that. By only attracting the best tutors and then carefully selecting the best of the best through our rigorous vetting process, we make sure that your child receives elite tutors only. Our offering is targeted towards parents who want to provide their children with the best learning opportunities.

Our senior team

PhD Pham Anh Tuan


What is a top 5% tutor?

Stop spending time and money for regular tutors. Lasluz will provide you with the best educational partner for your child.
But what is the value a top 5% tutor will provide?

Được đào tạo tốt và có năng lực cao

Our tutors come from elite universities such as University of Science and Technology, Vietnam National University etc.

The know the test

Our tutors have completed the tests personally so they are well aware about the current trends and how to best solve the tests.

Extraordinary communication skill

We test our tutors so that they are not only good at the subject but they are also great at communicating their knowledge.

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